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Ukrainian backpack brand Ozerianko Bags was created by designer Dasha Ozerianko in 2011. In 5 years of the brands existence, their rucksack line has gone through a variety of new and exciting developments. Their models first started with simple, spacious designs and now run with the latest in fashion, roomy, customized and hand decorated bags.

As of now they’re available not only in Kiev (Suitster, InStyle, Gallery48), but also in bigger offline, multi-brand stores in the U.S. and Britain, Pomeer for example. Dasha’s bags have been in multiple issues of fashion magazines likeVogue, Harper’s Bazaar, l’Officiel, Cosmopolitan and Elle.

This year alone, the brand has had 3 collaborations- “Kruzhevnaya” with Zhyliova Lingerie, “Fantaziynaya” with Wanna Be Décor and the most attention grabbing one- a conceptual art-tandem with the creative space Voloshyn Gallery, where they worked on accessories made with the elements from painted glass.

The production process of the elegant hand bags by Ozerianko splits into two ways- studio and seasonal collections that have 20-30 pieces made. As Dasha had said in the past, their corporate record was 3 collections in one season.

In terms of individual orders things get even more interesting. A rucksack can be hand crafted specifically for the client, following his wishes; colors, types of materials, cutting techniques, can all be dictated by the customer. On the other hand, you can also request the tailoring of your own exclusive copy, which if agreed with the buyer would be the only existing one. The designer and technologist will create a model that will never, under any circumstance be made available to the public, you would be the sole owner of the only existing design.

The latest trend that has overwhelmed the leading world producers of hand bags is customization. You can buy additional parts and accessories, or order a signature of the brand designer on your desired item, Ozerianko also offers these options, as well repairing the products if needed! As the creator of the brand puts it, the price for restoring products is solely based on the cost of materials and the work of the tailor, the firm doesn’t take a penny more, since flawless service, as well as satisfied clients are the continued ideals of the brand.

The components of the created works are different natural leathers and suedes, brought from Italy and Turkey, as well as the instruments. Much of the branding however, is Made in Ukraine.

Finished rucksacks are now almost all over the world, thanks to Instagram, and now the online shop (

“We post on Instagram once or twice a day on regular basis, our DM’s are always filled with potential buyers, so we decided to create an online store! Our first partners from England found us through a microblog, and our latest potential investors from Switzerland did the same!”

When asked about the success of the brand on Instagram, the Designer-Director quickly answered: “Your profile shouldn’t be expressly refined! Nobody likes dull photos from a look book, so I post sets and random snaps, as well as our accomplishments- whether it’s a page in a magazine or the first branded button!”

While observing the dynamic rise of Ozerianko Bags, we became interested what Dasha’s and her team’s future plans were!

“The market of Ukrainian fashion magazines we conquered, now we have our eyes set on Vogue Italia and Vogue USA!”